10 Tips for Des Moines Electrical Work and Your Safety

When you’re considering Des Moines Electrical Repair work you should put safety first. This article gives a few pointers regarding electricity and safety for you, your family and your home. Never take risks where electricity is concerned. Electricity can cause serious burns, health problems and kill. If you’re not qualified to do electrical works then…

LED Lights For Your Laundry Room in Your Des Moines Home

Getting the most out of your laundry room starts with the right lighting fixtures from your Des Moines lighting contractor. Without the right lighting in your laundry room, you might as well be doing your laundry in the closet.

Your Guide To Bathroom Lighting

Use this guide to ensure that you are making the right choices for your bathroom in regards to Des Moines lighting.

How to Pick A Des Moines Generator for Your Home

Des Moines generators are your run-to when there are power interruptions. Not having enough electricity could really make it hard for a household to work as normally as it would want

Here Are Some Electrical Safety Tips For Your Des Moines Home

Every Iowa home has electricity flowing through it and normally safe however, if you have young children or are planning to do work on you home, you must make sure you have some basic electrical safety training and electrical safety rules.

LED Lighting Can Be Beneficial For Your Home

Light-emitting diodes have been around for years. Traditionally, they have been used as indicators on electrical devices, such as standby lights on TVs.

Electrical Safety Month: Knowing Electrical Safety

Knowing proper electrical safety is imperative for many reasons. One can become shocked, burned or in the worst case scenario a person can be electrocuted which can lead to death by not becoming knowledgeable about electrical safety. One should be aware of basic safety guidelines when working with or around electricity. Here’s some tips from…

Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting

If you want to draw attention to a beautiful custom backsplash, then under cabinet lighting, installed by your Des Moines electrician, is the way to do it.

Good Reasons To Change Your Fuse Box

Are you aware that 10% of all house fires are caused by electrical distribution faults, and 12% are caused by electrical appliance fires, with a further 4% caused by electrical heaters. Collectively this means that 26% of all house fires are caused by electrical problems in Des Moines.

Advice On Lighting In Your Bedroom

Bedrooms require flexible lighting that is both invigorating in the early morning and then calming at night. Besides having the atmosphere of relaxation, bedrooms need good general lighting in addition to appropriate task lighting for reading, dressing, grooming, and other activities. It is best to create a combination of general and task lighting. And if…

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