Expert Electrical & Plumbing Services In Dexter, IA

Alleman electrician
There’s no getting around the fact everyone needs an electrical contractor or plumber at some point. If you need help right now, Lazer Electric & Plumbing is here to provide service in Dexter.

If it’s 24/7 emergency repairs you need, just call our number. We offer same day service for emergency electrical repairs and plumbing repairs. We can also help you with a full line of upgrade services.

You need to be able to trust that the service you receive will leave you completely satisfied. We understand this because we need services too, so we guarantee your satisfaction. One of the other ways we help our customers is to connect them with quality financing for those big repair jobs or upgrades.

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Smell Something Burning When You Turn On The Lights?

You are right to worry if you smell something burning but can’t tell what’s causing it. Burning smells indicate that there could be a problem with a wire. Let us troubleshoot the issue.

More than likely, it’s something simple that can be repaired pretty quickly. Complicated or not, our electricians have the skill to diagnose and repair all your electrical problems.

Sluggish Drains? You May Need Drain Cleaning

If your toilet or sink is constantly backing up, there may be sediments building up inside the pipes. That sediment is really hard to clean out. In fact, it takes high-pressure streams of water-focused directly on the buildup to blast it apart.

This drain cleaning process can remove anything including tree roots, another common problem that causes frequent clogs.

We can inspect your pipes to see what type of shape they are in. We can clear them out if they need it to give you a fresh new start with our sewer lines.

If you are looking for an Electrician or Plumber in Dexter, please call 515-263-0352 or complete our online request form.