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When the toilet backs up, the lights flicker, the appliances short out, or the faucet springs a leak, who are you going to call? Lazer Electric & Plumbing of course!

Our Gilbert electricians and plumbers are always standing by to meet your 24/7 emergency electric and plumbing repair needs. You’ll find us ready and willing to help you at any time. We also offer many of our non-emergency services as same-day service whenever possible.

The plumbing & electrical system in your home is a priority, though it usually goes unnoticed. If you haven’t had an electrical inspection or a water heater maintenance service in some time, let us take care of it for you. These affordable services are great ways to prevent future problems.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to show you why so many in Gilbert already trust our team to provide excellent service.

  • Same-Day Service Available
  • On-Time Scheduling -Guaranteed
  • Friendly, Experienced Technicians
  • 24/7 Plumbing & Electrical Repairs
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Electrical Repairs In Gilbert

If you have lived in your home for any length of time, you probably pretty well know about any electrical repairs that need to be made. You may have outlets that are loose or seem clogged, light switches that won’t work, doorbells that sometimes work, and other problems like frequent surges or power waning.

If your home needs electrical repairs, call us. The longer you wait, the more likely the system puts you and the home at risk for fire or electrical shock.

Electrical Safety Inspection Service In Gilbert

Our electrical safety inspections are done by professional electricians who are qualified inspectors. We offer professional inspections to those buying or selling a home as well as those who need the inspection every five to seven years for safety.

Professional Plumbing Services In Gilbert

No one wants to go without the plumbing systems in their home. And not many people would really want to deal with repairing the plumbing system themselves.

Plumbing is underground, surrounded by concrete, under cabinetry, in walls, and in dark places. It can be hard to reach and hard to work on. Let us make it easy on you by handling all your plumbing repairs, fixture upgrades, water heater replacement, or anything else you need.

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